Banana Pancakes With Warm Raspberries

27 04 2013

They may not be the prettiest pancake I’ve ever seen, but these banana-based pancakes are genius! There’s no flour, sugar or oil! The recipe said to place a few blueberries in the center of the pancakes as they cooked. I decided to warm some frozen raspberries instead to resemble syrup. You could also top with sugar-free maple syrup if you’d like.

Banana Pancakes With Warm Raspberries

Banana Pancakes With Warm Raspberries

The following serves 1 (compliments of:

  • Blueberries or raspberries
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 large banana
  • Cooking spray

Peel and slice the banana. Next, mash the banana and add an egg. Mix until fully combined (should look like pancake batter).

Heat a skillet on medium heat and spray with cooking spray. Fill a 1/4 sized measuring cup with the pancake mix and pour onto the heated skillet. Cook each side until lightly brown, just be careful when flipping them because they break easily. Top with warmed mashed raspberries or maple syrup.



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